Who We Are


Registered Nutritional Therapist

Parveen is a Registered Nutritional Therapist, Mental Health First Aider and a member of The British Association of Nutritional Therapists and Complimentary Health Council. Parveen is passionate about getting communities fit and healthy to take control of their health and wellbeing through bespoke nutrition plans and programmes.

“I provide the education and the tools you need to make practical sustainable and positive changes to your health. I believe a holistic approach along with behavioral changes plays an important role working with communities to have a positive impact”

Parveen has worked with many different organisations to educate and share knowledge on the specific foods to eat to manage your Diabetes, Cardiovascular Health, Mental Wellbeing and Obesity.

Asha Rani

Natural Nutritionist

“I worked as an in-flight cabin crew member for many years and realised that my full-time occupation was becoming increasingly unhealthy, flying all over the world and often eating poorly en-route.

This led to an interest in natural nutrition and complementary health therapies that made me realise just how important to our health the food we eat and the lifestyles we choose can be.

As a result, I turned my own lifestyle around, becoming healthy again in the process. I trained as a natural nutritionist for four years, learning various complementary therapies along the way. My therapies include iridology, craniosacral therapy, Indian head massage, Thai foot massage and Reiki healing”

Pippa Beazley

Family Practitioner

Pippa is a qualified Family Practitioner with over fifteen years’ experience of working therapeutically and supportively alongside children, young people, parents, couples, families and groups within diverse communities in schools, the NHS, local authority Children’s Social Care and for community projects. I specialise in working interculturally with young people, children and parents, either individually, together or in supportive groups.

My work helps people experiencing difficult emotions, behaviour, relationships, conflict and trauma that can often arise within complex contexts such as migration, loss, change and financial hardship. I creatively use evidence-based approaches including narrative and solution-focused techniques, CBT-based Mindfulness and psychoeducation to fit the needs of an individual, family or group. My approach focuses on effective patterns of communication and self-soothing techniques, it is strength-based, preventative and avoids locating problems in the individual.

Nina Virk

Qualified Lifestyle Coach

Nina is a qualified lifestyle coach and believes it is important that we are able to promote mental and emotional wellbeing to all ages and equip people with the right tools to maintain good health so they can pursue their potential.

Over the past five years Nina has delivered many successful courses and created innovative self-coaching tools, helping individuals and groups to develop mindsets, manage stress, change behaviours, build emotional resilience and achieve goals with confidence.

“I help people become aware and awake of their true power and potential so they can work on themselves, to clear away any weaknesses, fears, limiting beliefs and programming”