Over 50s and the Elderly

We run a number of Health and Wellbeing Programmes for the over 50s to support them with their health and mental wellness and reduce social isolation. We will consult with local focus groups to find out what activities they would like to engage in, this can include days out, fitness sessions, nutrition and healthy cooking, dance or just a meet up and chat.


Over 50s Workshops and Programmes include:

Holistic Diabetes Programme (6-week Programme) The workshops demonstrate the importance of a low glycaemic diet to manage Diabetes. This also includes two cookery demonstrations, a fitness session and a module on behavioural changes.

Brain Health Programme/Action against Alzheimer’s – (2 day workshop) Nutrition and lifestyle programme for cognitive decline, depression and anxiety where we focus on nutrition, sleep optimisation, gut health, stress, exercise and brain training.

Arts in Health – Workshops to include Art of Mandala, Art of Textiles, Drawing/Painting, Art of Calligraphy, Design work, Art of Mosaic, Art of Collage, Creating your Vision Board and bespoke themed projects