Organisations and the Private Sector

Workplace Wellness events and corporate Wellbeing Days are popular with many organisations who want to help improve the health and wellbeing of their workforce.

Workplace nutrition should be an integral part of a company’s wellbeing strategy.

Our programmes are fun, engaging and can be run online. This includes sessions on:

Nutrition Workshops- 1 hour (Max 10 people)
Stress Management
Immune Resilience
The connection between food and mood
Sleep Management
Healthy food swaps
Gut health
Heart health
Obesity/weight management
Cookery workshops
1:1 Consultations
Weight Loss/Diabetes/Heart Health/Hormonal balancing/Eczema
Holistic nutrition and wellbeing programmes for those with long-term health conditions. (Includes modules on behavioural change)
6-week Diabetes programme
6-week Heart health programme (high blood pressure)
6-week Weight management programme
6-week Healthy eating programme
Other Services – Individual
Food Allergy and Intolerance tests

14-day Metabolic/liver cleanse with meal plans/supplements

30-day Weight loss programme with meal plans/supplements

Functional tests – Hormonal/Cardiovascular health/Supplements

6-week Gut Transformation Programme – IBS