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Commonwealth Food & Culture Events

Our Mission

To improve the quality of life for all adults and children by providing them with the tools to make healthier choices for physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

Our Objectives.

Enhance the dignity and quality of life of individuals and families through nutrition and mental wellness.

Strengthening communities through intergenerational and interfaith events

Delivering services around the patient as part of our commitment to diversity and inclusiveness


Our Services


" I have experienced a comprehensive approach to the nutritional value on my health, thanks to the "Immunity support workshop" conducted by my Nutritionist "Parveen Talwar"A better understanding along with the rightful nutritional needs and foods to boost our immunity was very much required at a time that everyone was undergoing a stressful situation on the current COVID-19 pandemic. The valuable healthy tips, suggestions and right food to incorporate into our daily diet was introduced by Parveen that has a lasting change to anyone’s healthy living and I have personally benefited myself by swapping to healthy food, dietary habits and life style changes that eventually improved my IBS syndrome that I was suffering with for sometime. The programme was very much informative, beneficial, practical to adapt and gives out effective results both physically and mentally. Thank you again to you Parveen and to your team for the wonderful work shop that motivated me thoroughly to live healthy. No one has ever given me a greater gift than this."


"After 8 years of digestive problems and acne rosacea I finally decided if my GP cannot help I have to try something different. I decided to go and see a Nutritionist. In all honesty my initial thoughts were am I wasting my money here. After an indepth consultation and some tests that you cannot get on the Nhs I found out I had a number of food intolerances and I was low in gut bacteria amongst other things. Parveen put together a nutritional plan with supplements and after a few weeks I noticed some changes, the bloating had stopped, my stomach aches were none existent and my acne started to improve. A few months later I am free of any digestive complaints and no longer have rosacea acne. After 8 years of suffering, embarrassed to go out, frustrated my whole life was changed through a diet change. I can’t thank Parveen enough for helping me restore my confidence and health. It definitely was worth it."


"Brilliant and very informative once again thank you for putting our community first and offering these free workshops which are very important to the situation we are in now. Parveen was a very knowledgeable host and presented the workshop in a very thorough and straight to the point manner. I learnt some new things which I will adapt to my family life from now on. This is what I really needed to stay on top of how and what to feed my family. Thank you."


I have attended the Holistic Diabetes Programme as I was diagnosed with prediabetic condition. I am a 31 years old woman not at all overweight that made it worrisome, however I have a family history of diabetics. After attending the course I managed to revise my diet plans. I started to pay attention to the amount of carbs I am having as explained during the programme sessions. I also started to incorporate more exercise in my daily routine. Overall, the course gave a very nice overview on the management of a healthy life-style. After following the balanced routine for 3 months, I managed to get the blood sugar level down to normal.


Thank you kindly for emailing me my Nutrition Plan and the dry brush handout, I hoping to start implementing these changes into my lifestyle now. Our 1 to 1 really helped to provide me with answers as to why I have been feeling the way I have, and your suggestions are easy manageable steps I can start taking to bring about a positive change in my health. I really appreciated our talk.


I took part in the 2nd of Mohini's Cookery sessions today, they are great. The recipes Mohini demonstrated are practical, quick and easy to make. I have really enjoyed the sessions and will be experimenting with the recipes at home, I particularly enjoyed the Butternut Squash soup recipe with toasted nuts today.


When asked by my GP if I wanted to participate in the Diabetes programme I jumped at the chance. This was partly due to the fact that I had an elevated HBA1c level and with both parents who were diabetics it seemed inevitable that I would become one too. I had high expectations and was hoping doing the course would equip me with knowledge and practicalities around managing diabetes. This programme is well thought out as it was spit into 3, Diet, exercise and motivation management. I took onboard all the dietary information provided and with our advisors help modified it and made it more personalised for myself. I have been amazed as I have lost nearly 4 kilos and my HBA1c went from 61 to 44. I have been able to reduce my daily medication as a result but hope in the near future to be able to control my sugar levels by diet alone. This would not have been possible without the help of our nutritionist who I still ask for advice. Diabetes usually has other complications or issues that arise and this would be where I would like to see more help provided so that all the hard work does not get wasted. I would like to say thank you to all those that put the course together and presented it without it I would have relied on medication to control my blood sugar levels but now I have learned a better way. The whole family has benefited from this diet change.


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